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Negative Impacts of Colorado 2024 Housing Legislation [Video]

  Daniel Muldoon, president of the Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition, joins Chris Lopez to unpack the latest legislative challenges facing landlords in Colorado. Explore the impact of bills like ‘For Cause Eviction’ and the unintended consequences these changes have on the landlord-tenant relationship. Gain insights into upcoming legislation such as the ‘Warranty of Habitability’ bill […]

Colorado Senate kills bill barring rent-setting algorithms as Democrats spar over company’s role in amendment

Bill dies after lawmakers in both chambers fail to agree on changes State Sen. Julie Gonzales, a Denver Democrat, prepares to speak in favor of an amendment on an eviction protection bill in the Senate chamber at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on March 25, 2024. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post) By SETH KLAMANN | | […]

May 5th, 2024 – CLLC Weekly Legislative Tracking Report

The legislature was in session late into the day yesterday, with both the Senate and House convening for a weekend session today. It is unclear if either the House, Senate, or both will be back tomorrow for a Sunday session, May 5th. As you can see, we have had NO new bills of interest introduced […]

April 19th, 2024 – CLLC Weekly Legislative Tracking Report

Today is the 101st legislative day, with just 19 days remaining in the 2024 Colorado legislative session. The Senate is just about to adjourn for the weekend, and the House is still working. They are expected to return for a full workday tomorrow (they were also in session this past Sunday). Tensions are running high […]

March 30th, 2024 – CLLC Legislative Tracking Report

This was another busy week for us at the Colorado State Capitol. As you all know, the week started with the Senate passage of HB 24-1098, where we were one vote short of substantially amending the bill.  This kept other Senate Democrats from supporting the Mullica amendment as there was no opportunity for its passage without […]

2023 Legislative Update Podcast

Join Chris Lopez and Jenny Bayless in a candid conversation with Daniel Muldoon, President of the Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition, as they dissect the latest state legislation affecting landlords in Colorado. With Daniel’s firsthand experience as a property management company owner and his dedication to advocating for small landlords, this episode offers valuable insights into […]

2023 Legislative Wrap Up with William Mutch

The 120-day Colorado legislative session has now ended.  This is good news for Colorado landlords as this means there are no more bills to be introduced as this has been one of the most challenging defensive sessions for Colorado housing providers in recent memory. As the legislature took office in January, moving quickly from the […]

Proposed 2023 Legislation Affecting Colorado Landlords

The 2023 Legislative session is underway, and we are already seeing a number of bills being proposed that will affect Colorado Landlords and our clients. It is more important than ever to stay aware of what is being discussed in these House Bills and how they will affect our business. See some of the bills […]

Thank You for Attending the Legislation and Libations

Dear CLLC membership, I just want to extend a letter of thanks to all of you who were able to attend the 2nd Annual Legislation and Libations event which we held at the Castle Rock Mill House, the evening of 9/29/22. We had a wonderful turnout of over 50 attendees and 14 politicians! It was […]

Landlords across the State NEED YOU!

The Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition (CLLC) is hosting 10 Colorado State Legislators on Thursday, September 29th We need to show our State Legislators who we are and we have numbers! You don’t need to sell them on anything or convince them of anything. You just need to let them know we care about our owners, […]