Position Statement

The Fight to Kill Senate Bill 21-173

CLLC Members we need your help! Now SB21-173 is on the calendar for next Thursday, May 6. Senator Gonzales cannot be trusted not to flip again and try to roll back some of the good amendments added in the Senate. We have a real opportunity to kill this bill, which restricts and caps late fees, […]

CLLC position on HB21-1121 Jackson/Jodeh

CONCERNING PROTECTIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL TENANTS RELATED TO ACTIONS BY LANDLORDS The Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition represents single-family and small multi-family landlords in the state of Colorado. This subset of Landlords typically own 1-3 rental properties and are much more vulnerable to industry regulation since they operate on smaller economies of scale. These landlords rent out […]


The CLLC is an organization that represents 1200 Housing Providers across Colorado. While we are an organization of landlords, we uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism ensuring the housing needs of our tenants. Housing providers and tenants need each other and it is an essential partnership we fully recognize and promote. For the […]