Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition

Colorado Landlord
Legislative Coalition

The mission of the Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition (CLLC) is to empower Housing providers and Property Managers from all over Colorado. The CLLC promotes involvement in the legislative process by offering a means to collaborate and negotiate with legislators while educating policymakers about the single-family and small multi-family rental housing industry. The Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition aspires to create positive change for those that provide housing for others and in turn the renters of Colorado. Established in 2020.

The Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition aspires to create positive legislative change for those that provide housing for others and in turn the renters of Colorado.

This is a call to action.
Now more than ever, Colorado Housing providers and Property Managers need to come together.

The single-family rental property industry has not had representation at the state capitol. That means we have not been at the table when bills are being introduced and negotiated.

The 2020 Founding Board of Directors Danielle Rogers, Lyle Haas, and Rob Lynde decided this had to change. Housing providers and property managers now have a needed voice and a presence at the state legislature in order to protect and advance our industry, The Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition was created for that purpose. We have hired lobbyist William Mutch of Mutch Government Relations to represent Housing providers, property managers, and related industry professionals.

Our objective is to create awareness, urgency, and advocacy for the single-family, rental property industry, our Housing providers, property managers, and others that serve our industry.

For many years we have relied on other real estate associations and individuals to represent us, but our specific interests were not always at the forefront. It is time for Colorado Housing providers to converge and make our voices heard.

With your help, and membership dues we can create a strong coalition.

We will now direct our own advocacy with the hiring of our own lobbyist. A lobbyist that represents the single-family Housing providers and Property Manager and our specific needs. We are getting a seat at the table when we need to be there to negotiate and advise. The Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition will be all-inclusive and reach out and welcome all housing providers and related industry professionals. The Coalition will be supported and funded with membership dues and managed by landlords and industry professionals.

Each year, the legislative session produces a number of Bills that directly affect our housing providers and the way professional property managers are allowed to run their businesses.

When you join our organization, your membership dues help to fight bad legislation.
Let’s make a difference.

Thank you

William Mutch

William Mutch

Principal of Mutch Government Relations

William handles government relations issues at the local, State, and Federal levels.

Mutch has a strong track record of managing associations, winning candidate campaign and legislative issues, building effective grassroots programs, managing political action committees, fundraising strategies, and building/managing broad legislative coalitions.

Mutch Government Relations

News from Our Lobbyist

2023 Legislative Wrap Up with William Mutch

The 120-day Colorado legislative session has now ended.  This is good news for Colorado landlords as this means there are no more bills to be introduced as this has been one of the most challenging defensive sessions for Colorado housing providers in recent memory. As the legislature took office in January, moving quickly from the November elections, housing affordability became a centerpiece issue for the legislature.  With this focus, came an almost unmanageable number of bills – many dealing with ...

For Immediate Release

Negative Impacts of Colorado 2024 Housing Legislation [Video]

  Daniel Muldoon, president of the Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition, joins Chris Lopez to unpack the latest legislative challenges facing landlords in Colorado. Explore the impact of bills like 'For Cause Eviction' and the unintended consequences these changes have on the landlord-tenant relationship. Gain insights into upcoming legislation such as the 'Warranty of Habitability' bill and learn how you can join the CLLC to advocate for landlord rights and shape Colorado's rental landscape.

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2023 Membership Dues

• $500/Month ($6,000 per year)

• $250/Month ($3,000 per year)

• $100/Month ($1,200 per year)

• $50/Month ($600 per year)

• $10/Month or $120/year

Membership levels are designated for acknowledgment purposes and will be displayed as determined by Board. Dues are not limited to the above amounts but dues paid between membership levels will be “awarded” the lower membership level until the next annual designated level is reached.

The CLLC is a non-profit organization supported and funded by donations, which are considered Membership Dues.  Membership Dues are used to fund lobbying efforts and administrative costs.  The more members that join the Coalition and contribute Membership Dues the larger our voice and our impact at the Capital.  Please consider establishing a higher level of Membership to be recognized for your contributions and to help fund the CLLC for years to come.

To pay by check please make the check payable to the "Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition" and mail it to:
Colorado Landlord Legislative Coalition
C/O Bijou Property Management
428 E Bijou Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Depending on how you file your taxes membership dues may be deducted as a business expense.  Membership dues for the CLLC are not tax-deductible as a charitable donation.  Please consult your tax advisor.