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SB21-173 has been rescheduled for Thursday, 05/13/2021

CLLC Members Make Your Voice Heard! Senate Bill 21-173 SB21-173 has been rescheduled for Thursday, 05/13/2021 and we want to make another push to inform the Committee that the CLLC and Landlords across Colorado oppose this bill. You can copy all of these emails, create one email and place these addresses in the BCC of […]

SB21-173 Schedule Change: Important Update!

The bill SB21-173 was scheduled to be heard in the Business Affairs & Labor committee at 1:30 pm tomorrow. However, it has been pushed to next week. We hope this is a result of the pressure created by CLLC members and industry partners. The legislators are getting A LOT of communication from frustrated landlords; keep […]

The Fight to Kill Senate Bill 21-173

CLLC Members we need your help! Now SB21-173 is on the calendar for next Thursday, May 6. Senator Gonzales cannot be trusted not to flip again and try to roll back some of the good amendments added in the Senate. We have a real opportunity to kill this bill, which restricts and caps late fees, […]

Do you own property in Centennial or Arapahoe Counties?

Representative David Ortiz is hosting a Small Business Town Hall with Senators Chris Kolker and Jeff Bridges. This is a great opportunity to let your Legislators know how recently proposed legislation regarding Landlord-Tenant laws has affected you and your Rental Business. You can explain how your sector has been hit by moratoriums and how you […]

Strategizing an Opposition Campaign for SB21-173

The CLLC is strategizing an Opposition Campaign for SB21-173 The Senate amended¬†SB21-173, but there is still plenty of opportunity for those improvements to be changed during the remainder of the legislative process.¬† It is the position of the CLLC that continuing to try and work through this broad piece of legislation is too risky and […]

The CLLC is in Opposition of SB211-173

As SB21-173 is scheduled for debate by the Colorado Senate,it is urgently needed for you to contact your State Senator TODAY and ask them to vote NO on SB21-173. This legislation represents a real threat to Colorado’s housing market, removes the reasonable balance in Colorado’s landlord-tenant laws, and will ultimately hurt the tenants we serve, […]


The CLLC is strategizing to improve or oppose HB21-1121 HB21-1121 has advanced out of committee and could be on the House floor as early as Monday! Much work has been done to this bill. There is one remaining issue, which we see as a form of rent control. The bill only allows for rent increases […]

Contact Colorado House Members to OPPOSE SB21-173 Regarding Rent Control

URGENT — Please contact Colorado House members today to OPPOSE SB21-173 in regards to Rent Control Members, One of the most radically harmful bills to our industry this legislative session (SB21-173) was scheduled for committee yesterday to be heard by the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee scheduled for Tuesday March 16, 2021 at […]

CLLC is Strictly Opposed to Legislation Involving Rent Control

March 10, 2021 Update from the Executive Board Today is a big day! The CLLC along with many property managers and landlords will be giving testimony regarding rent control on new construction through government controlled zoning restrictions. The CLLC is strictly opposed to any legislation involving rent control. Cross your fingers! While this update does […]